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Sustainable Goals and Resolutions For Your 2021

As our calendars or worksheets read 2021, and we look to the many coming months, there is of course a lot of unknown. There is one important thing that is known though, our climate is in crisis and its change can no longer be ignored. We all must make personal changes and commitments to act, patronize and consume more sustainably.

This does not neglect the role and contributions of heavy industry and large corporations, or governments and policy for that matter, in climate change and emission contributions. Famously in a report from the Carbon Disclosure Project (from the Carbon Majors Database) just 100 of the world’s companies have been responsible for over 70% of global GHG emissions since 1998; clearly corporate actions and governmental control and regulation matters. That said, individual consumers are extremely far from removed from responsibility. Not only do consumers like American’s consume on average up to 3 more Earths than we have the resources annually, a gigantic sustainable problem, but their actions are the ones that drive most economical markets in the first place. Individual actors do matter.

So, we all have to do more and be more sustainable. Luckily, the common theme sustainable habits and actions follow is one of greater health, quality of life and products, more efficient-cost living and better personal resource use. And also fortunately, climate actions are all-encompassing, and simply your everyday can easily be more sustainable. Realizing the long term climatic, social, political, economic and existential effects of our climate catastrophe poses one clear need- 2021 is a year we can all try and be a little more sustainable.

In that nature, here are some of my favorite personal sustainable resolutions and goals, and some others I loved seeing from friends, family and across the internet. As this site is related to kids, I included resolutions that kids and teens can accomplish, and mostly stayed away from the greater financial commitments adults can make that carry greater net weight (such as home energy, car or investment choices).

  • Actively look to buy from sustainable companies brands (both food and non-food products)

  • Eat less meat products, especially red meats

  • Say NO to all single use plastics (including utensils and to-go containers)

  • Try to be the cool friend who is sustainably prepared (always have bags, utensils, etc…)

  • Shop locally and shop small

  • Look out for green-washing

  • Work on climate activism/Be a green voice within your neighborhoods, communities, governments and even families

  • Walk and bike more

  • Reduce energy and water use at home

  • Don’t pre-wash dishes

  • Waste less food and start composting at home

  • Keep reminding friends and peers of our climate’s importance

  • Try some sustainable renewal programs- like soap pod refills

  • Take control of your climate conscious (although not fun to think about, doesn’t mean we can ignore it, we can actively take control of our situation and choices)

  • Patronize parks and natural spaces

  • Grow your connection to the Earth by being active and outdoors

I hope you can feature some of these sustainable goals and plans within your own green 2021! Our climate crisis is scary and can’t be ignored, but we can make real and easy differences! Just trying to be better or do more is a great commitment, so I wish you the best of luck with your sustainable improvements and hope you see benefits also in your health, budgets, happiness and more!

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