• Kate Quigley

Solar Panels and Why You Should Invest

The sun is an infinite source of heat and energy, whereas fossil fuels like coal and oil are not. Fossil fuels are limited energy sources that are heavily used around the world to power factories, buildings, homes, cars, and other every-day needs. Each year human activity and demand for fossil fuels continue to grow. Every time you turn on your lights, heat water for your shower, and open your electric garage door, you are burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are also used to manufacture the clothes you buy, transport the food you eat, and travel by car, plane, or train. With our growing appetite for consumption, we desperately need alternatives that are better for the environment. Solar panels are a great solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are becoming more widely used in deserts and other sunny parts of the country. Residentially, they are also found on the rooftops of homes and buildings, and even land that is not suitable for other purposes. Solar energy is one of the main contributors to clean and renewable energy, some of the others being wind power, hydropower, or geothermal energy. Renewable energy is praised for providing “clean energy,” not contributing to air pollution, and not requiring unnecessary water to generate electricity. As renewable energy is being recognized as a necessity for the future and a cleaner planet, options like solar panels are becoming more desirable.

Solar panels utilize the abundance of sunlight during the daytime to provide power and even offset energy costs. During the hot and sunny days of spring and summer, a plentiful amount of sunlight can be captured. When extra energy is converted from the sun, that energy can be sold back to the power company and stored on a grid. Even on a cloudy day solar panels manage to draw energy and store it. Over time, solar panels are financially rewarding. In a sense, your solar panels are working to pay back the initial investment. The profiting from solar panels is extremely enticing, and if you are looking to reduce the environmental impact your home has on the environment, they are the way to go. As a family with solar panels, we have been able to see their tangible effects. In the last 4 years, my home's solar panels have saved us in energy costs and planted the equivalent of 740.14 trees worth of carbon absorption! 

If you want to help build a greener future and save money while you do it, invest in solar panels. You will be doing the environment a favor and your wallet as well!

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