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How to Celebrate Earth Day 2021

Protecting our changing climate and environments is more important than ever, but so is enjoying and celebrating them. Other than being essential for all of our lives, and every life-form on the planet, our climate and environments comprising the Earth also need to be remembered for all the beauty, fun, comfort and entertainment they give.

So as Earth Day, April 22nd, nears now is a great time to enjoy and celebrate our great Earth. In this spirit, I wanted to share some of the best ways I know and have found to celebrate the Earth now, later and on actual Earth day.

  • Try to not eat meat!

  • Don’t buy or use any single-use plastic

  • Go on a walk or hike through nature

  • Watch a nature documentary or environmental show

  • Visit a local garden

  • Start your own garden or indoor potted plant

  • Donate to climate causes and environmental groups

  • Shop for healthy, local and sustainable food

  • Try a sustainable science experiment at home

  • Sign climate and environmental petitions

  • Write a handwritten letter to your leaders and politicians (parents help needed)

  • Create art or new things out of usable trash or discarded old items

  • Turn off your lights when not in the room

  • Turn off the water when you aren’t using it

  • Go on a bike ride

  • Buy or create some reusable shopping bags

  • Eat a vegan treat!

  • Remind your parents of renewable home energy or energy efficient appliances

  • Make some environmental promises and goals!

Remember, whatever you do, appreciating and protecting the planet should not be limited to just one day. It has to be done every single day so we can overcome climate change and save our planet! Earthday.org put together some Earth Day Tips you can do everyday to show you care, and so many other environmental organizations have similar lists, some listed below. Have a great Earth Day everyone, and remember to do your best for the Earth and remind others to do the same!

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