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Great Sources and Sites for Sustainable Holiday Shopping (Ethical too!)

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

In the midst of a pandemic, an accelerating and existential climate crisis and an economic recession pushing everyone but mainstream corporate America to the brink, there has never been a better time to shop online in the safety of your own home, but do so within the burgeoning sustainable consumption market. A market which not only promotes all of our collective futures, but is filled with ethical and fair trade companies as well as critical small-businesses.

We simply cannot afford to keep consuming at our levels of emissions, resource use and waste, especially at the American pace. As well, the current need to support small businesses and ones embracing fair trade, is substantial. The major divide along corporate point-one-percent and the rest of America losses have appropriately set off movements to shop small and consciously in order to save much-needed small businesses, and support holistic and sustainable companies of all sizes.

Myself being a conscious shopper more and more, I enlisted to write a journalism article for the purpose of helping others, and myself, find trusted sustainable sites that were additionally holistic, but that also had complete and quality product selection of a wide range.

With rising demand sustainable sources, companies and websites have all boomed, and so has product selection; there are not only many amazing sustainable substitutes, but better products to be found exclusively sustainably. But among all this selection, it can still be hard as within all of the internet to find the best companies and websites with truthful sustainable promises, and quality and diverse selections.

This blog is going to list some of the best places I’ve found for shopping green and consciously this holiday season. To read a more in depth synopsis of these sources and this problem, please check out my article in The Observer “How to Shop Sustainably For the Holidays”. It provides a more in depth and statistically backed look at our current need to shop sustainably and consciously, as well as source specific reviews of their selections, sustainability and otherwise holistic nature.



Honorable Mention: Thrifting Sites:


I hope you are able to explore and actually use some of these sites for your gifting and even personal shopping needs, but while you explore these, remember that there are still so many more great companies and sites to choose from! Also, remember that you can find a more comprehensive look at these sites within my Churchill The Observer article linked here. Whatever you will be celebrating, have a very happy holidays and I hope you can have a sustainable one too!

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