• Kate Quigley

Eco Ways to Dispose Your Christmas Tree

1. Recycle it

After clearing all ornaments and other decorations from your tree, it can be recycled and turned into chips for park trails. Click this link to find a municipal program in your county. These programs will pick up your tree curbside and take it to be recycled and repurposed!

2. Use it as firewood

The great thing about pine is that it’s extremely flammable. You can use a branch of your tree as a kindling to start your fire super quick and easy. Then chop the rest of the trunk into logs for your fireplace and stay cozy all winter long.

3. Drop it at Home Depot

Many Home Depot stores around the country accept Christmas trees and recycle them into mulch or wood chips. Beginning after Christmas and into January, Home Depot partners with tree companies to turn the trees into mulch. Call your local Home Depot to see if you can dispose of your tree with them.

4. Replant it

This option is a little harder because you have to be committed to planting it before you buy your Christmas tree. However, buying a live tree (uncut) with a root ball is a great option. Make sure to water it! After the holidays you can dig a hole, plant it in your yard, and watch it grow. My family replanted our Christmas tree from 2005 and we still have it in our front yard today, almost 20 years later. It is now 35 feet tall!

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