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Earth Rated Pet Waste Bag Review


Reducing your carbon footprint can go beyond carpooling and saving electricity. One great example is using environmentally friendly dog waste bags. There is no question that picking up dog waste is important, both for sanitary and environmental reasons. If dog waste is left on the ground, it can easily become mixed in runoff and contaminate nearby water. Reusing a plastic bag to pick up dog waste may seem like a cheap and easy solution, however we will all pay the price in the long term. The plastic bag is set to end up in a landfill and will take hundreds of years to break down. It is well known that plastic also plays a major role in polluting our oceans, and harming the creatures that live there. Many companies have created eco-friendly dog waste bags to combat this problem. Today I am highlighting Earth Rated PoopBags, a brand that my family has used for years. 

Earth Rated PoopBags have been rated as one of the best biodegradable options on multiple websites, including the Chicago Tribune and Deep Ecology. They are readily available on Amazon and at most pet stores, including Petco and PetSmart. 


  • These bags are very sturdy as they are made with a thick, leak-proof material. The bags are large, 9 x 13 inches to be exact. As a result, they can handle the worst days of any size dog (not a single bag has been broken with my 70 pound dog). 

  • The bags are made from recycled materials. They also contain an EPI additive which helps them break down when reacting to variables such as oxygen and heat.

  • There is an unscented version and scented version of the bags. Both are very effective in concealing any lingering smells. The scented version is lavender and comes from essential oils derived from fruits and spices. 

  • There are handles that allow for an easy pick-up and tying. No more struggling to make a secure knot!

  • The bags can fit into any standard leash dispenser, and are very easy to detach from the roll. 

  • The cores and packaging are all made from recyclable material.


  • Compared to plastic dog waste bags, they are slightly pricier. They cost about $12.00 for a pack of 300 bags. 

Other notes

Composting dog waste is the most sustainable solution possible, but it requires time and resources that many families don’t have. There are also many precautions that need to be taken when composting dog waste, as it contains harmful parasites and bacteria. Using a biodegradable bag is the most accessible option and a great first step to reducing plastic wastage. 

The Earth rated Dog Poop Bags can be bought here: https://www.amazon.com/Earth-Rated-Lavender-Scented-Completely-Leak-Proof/dp/B007D17A52

My dog Ollie approves!!

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