• Kate Quigley

Date 'Snickers' Bites

These vegan date 'snickers' bites are one of my all-time favorite snacks and desserts... and they are so easy to make!

Makes: 12 snickers bites


12 Medjool dates

¼ Cup of nut butter (link here for our Almond Butter recipe!!)

¼ Cup vegan chocolate chips

Sea salt for sprinkling

  1. Take the pits out of the dates

  2. Fill each date with a small spoonful of your choice of nut butter

  3. Melt your chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl

  4. Dip each date into the chocolate mixture and place on baking sheet

  5. Sprinkle salt to taste on each

  6. Freeze for at least an hour


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