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Change Your Maryland Energy Provider to Power your Home with Renewable Energy- No Equipment Required

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

How we power our homes and at home-lives, or what energy source we use, is a giant part of our resource use. The latest EPA energy inventory (1) shows electricity generation is the second largest source of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the US (27%), second only by 1% to Transportation (28%). The recent assessment (2) of electricity sold by Pepco in Maryland shows energy being generated mostly by coal (29.8%), natural gas (28.7%), and nuclear (35.3%).

We are way past the point of fossil fuel and traditional power sources being acceptable. Our current climate crisis makes renewable energies a must! Not only are renewable energies necessary though, but also completely available, especially in Maryland! All through Maryland you can actually choose an electricity supplier other than Pepco! This means you can switch to a renewable energy supplier and begin using clean electricity for your home! Don’t worry, the power grid and reliability of the system is still both far from your responsibility or maintenance, and still 100% reliable. Your actual home energy won’t see any changes- the reservoir from which your power is pulled is the invisible difference.

Your monthly electric bill becomes split into two parts – a smaller continuing payment to Pepco/Exelon (as the distributor) to maintain the electric wires/infrastructure, and a payment for your “electric supply” that goes to the supplier you choose. When you choose a renewable energy source, your utility (Pepco in Montgomery County) will add clean climate-friendly energy to its grid to power your home. And you don’t have to install any new equipment, your service won’t change, you’ll get the same bill as always, and you may end up paying less. These local projects are often set at decreased rates and are adjusted to utility prices to make sure you don’t pay more and you always keep agreed discounts. My own family personally often pays tens of dollars less a month!

This all sounds great because it actually is. Most importantly, it’s so easy and seamless to switch. The newest and easiest way to switch to clean renewable residential electricity is to subscribe to a Community Solar Program. The main community solar providers in our area are Arcadia, Clean Choice Energy, and Neighborhood Sun among others. Even better, all of these companies and their projects which you can subscribe to are on one easy to use and access website.

Click on this link to review the different solar projects currently available for subscription: https://cs.solarunitedneighbors.org/states/MD/programs/pepco/subscriptions

Please check out the site, and as you do I urge you to take this opportunity to help yourself, your own bank, and everyone else in the world. It’s a chance to do your part and benefit from it! Renewable energy is truly better economically and environmentally, and it's ready for you. Take a stand against this historically existential crisis for your family's, kid’s, friend’s, and everyone’s future! Thank you so much for reading, and please do check out the site.

As well, if any questions or concerns arise- please make sure to reach out at greenteam@gengreen.net! We are more than happy to personally help with the process.

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