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A Day in My Life: Eco-Friendly Edition

Becoming more sustainable doesn’t have to involve huge, life-altering decisions. Here is an example of what I do day to day to reduce my environmental footprint. Remember, even the smallest of changes can make a difference!

  1. During my morning bathroom routine I make sure to turn off the water when I am not using it. For example, I do not leave the sink running when brushing my teeth or washing my face!

  2. If it is my turn to walk my dog Ollie, I bring an Earth Rated Pet Waste Bag to clean up after him. (These bags are made from recycled materials and can be found at Petco.)

  3. Before I leave the house, I check to see that all the lights are turned off.

  4. On my way to run errands, I’ll stop at Starbucks for some coffee. When it is possible I bring a reusable mug. Starbucks will gladly pour your drink into your reusable mug, preventing the use of a plastic cup!

  5. At my next stop, the grocery store, I love using reusable bags! Not only do I save the 5 cent plastic bag charge, but reusable bags are much sturdier and less likely to tear.

  6. If I am hanging out with a friend, I try to carpool when possible! Today I can pick her up on our way to get ice cream, and I’ll drop her off on the way home.

  7. At the ice cream shop I choose a cone over a cup. There is one less cup being thrown out and cones are more fun anyway!

  8. Once I get home I decide to do some shopping for the winter. Resale sites like Depop and Poshmark are gaining popularity, which is amazing! I love buying secondhand clothes on these sites because they are cute and a great alternative to fast fashion.

  9. When printing out any worksheets or materials for school, I always print double-sided to limit the amount of paper that I use.

  10. If my phone or computer is running out of battery, I try not to leave it plugged in overnight or after it is fully charged, as this wastes electricity.

  11. During my night routine, I try to shorten my shower time to conserve water. A great way to keep track of time is to listen to music! I count the number of songs that play when the water is running.

  12. Finally, I put my reusable water bottle next to my bed and get a good night's sleep!

As you can see, most of these habits are easy to add to your daily routine. I hope you feel inspired to live more eco-friendly!

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