What Causes Climate Change?

A number of natural factors contribute to Earth's changing climate such as volcanic activity, ocean currents, the sun, and many more. 


However, in the past decade, humans have caused climate change to speed up unnaturally which is dangerous to the health of all living creatures on Earth.


Humans cause climate change to speed up through pollution of our air and water, destruction of nature and animal habitats, and production of garbage that gets littered into places like the ocean. 

Maggie is sad because during her World Adventure with Pete, she saw plastic bags in the ocean, forests in Australia on fire, and Polar Bears stranded on melting icebergs. Her animal friends were in danger because of unnatural climate change caused by humans!


"Maggie, What Can We Do to Help?"

Every thing we do has an impact on the Earth. To really make a difference, everyone has to do their part! There are many simple choices that we can make which benefit the earth. Making the Earth greener requires us to have a greener lifestyle.

Here are some ways you can do your part! 


Remember the 5 R's from

Maggie's World Adventure video?

1) Remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room!

2) Remember to turn off the water when brushing your teeth!

3) Reuse cardboard and paper! 

4) Reuse plastics like bottles and straws!

5) Recycle! 


See Pete? It's simple!